Lint and hair are removed through a self-cleaning vortex screen and flushed to sewer. 


Biological Treatment

Pollutants are biologically degraded by microorganisms living on patented surface-active treatment media in the aerated tank. 


Filtration + UV

A self back-flushing filtration system removes suspended solids and UV disinfection eliminates any pathogens. 


Chlorine + Dye

Dosing pumps, chemical storage, and spill containment are provided in the integral chemical cabinet to accommodate optional chlorine and dye injection. 



GRAYWORKS uses the first vortex screen designed for graywater. Lint and hair rapidly blind most screens. The GRAYWORKS vortex screen uses a three-step process to eliminate clogging. 1. The centrifugal force of water as it spirals through the filter naturally scours debris off the screen and toward the center solids collection point. 2. A slippery gold alloy is utilized for the screen material to further decrease solids accumulation. 3. Finally a high-pressure nozzle periodically sprays the screen to dislodge any recalcitrant solids. GRAYWORKS uses backflush filtrate to flush the screen so no reclaimed water is wasted.

gold filter trans back3.png


At the heart of the GRAYWORKS system is a moving bed bioreactor process that utilizes attached growth treatment media as a substrate for microbial communities that consume dissolved pollutants.  The GRAYWORKS process uses a proprietary foam treatment media with electrostatic surface charge. The industry-leading surface area and the charge of the media increase overall treatment rates and quickly degrade surfactants and other recalcitrant compounds resulting in a very compact footprint.



This biological treatment process has been successfully deployed for municipal wastewater treatment systems up to 5 million gallons per day. The treatment process has also been utilized for industrial wastewater sources such as agrochemical and munitions facilities. This proven process provides peace of mind that the GRAYWORKS system can handle demanding graywater applications.



The GRAYWORKS containment system is one of the most durable on the market. The tank and enclosure walls are ¾” thick polypropylene that is impervious to corrosion, acidity, UV, and freezing, requiring no maintenance for decades. The modular rectilinear design provides the most efficient use of space. All mechanical and electrical components are housed in the enclosure protecting them weather or mishap.