Nate nickerson, PE

Nate is a hands-on engineer and inventor. Prior to his engineering degree he worked as a master automotive mechanic for cars and heavy machinery. He has brought this hands-on experience to the design and deployment of innovative and pratical wastewater reuse technologies as Principal at Critical Flow and previously as Senior Engineer at Living Machines L3C. Over 15 years he has worked on water reuse and water infrastructure for a variety of clients including the US Marine Corps, The San Francisco Public Utility Commission, The Brando Resort, and over two dozen major universities. Nate leads the engineering effort and reviews fabrication and installation for GRAYWORKS projects.


Eric lohan, ms

Eric is a microbiology geek. He has been involved in the process design of over 100 wastewater treatment and water reuse projects as Principal at Critical Flow and previously as General Manager for Living Machines L3C. Eric is co-author of 5 patents on innovative wastewater treatment technologies and has been involved in permitting some of the first decentralized water reuse systems in Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta and other areas.  He leads the process design for GRAYWORKS projects and reviews the design basis and reuse applications to maximize reliability and reduce system costs.


david crawford

David has done more than perhaps anyone in the US to help establish the viability of rainwater reuse. As founder and CEO of Rainwater Management Solutions (RMS) and President of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), he has helped support the development of rainwater and graywater reuse regulations in over a dozen states. RMS has become the largest supplier of rainwater reuse systems in the US with over 500 installations. David is frequent contributor to leading journals and presenter at national and international conferences on water reuse. David leads the sales effort at GRAYWORKS and interfaces with regulatory agencies to assist with permitting.


benjamin sojka

Benjamin grew up on a working cattle farm. He received his architectural degree from the University of Virginia under visionary green architect William McDonough. Throughout his career as Vice President at RMS, he has combined his hands-on practical experience with his detailed knowledge of building science. Benjamin has lead the integration of rainwater and graywater reuse for some of the most prominent rainwater reuse projects in the US including the Gates Foundation, TD Ameritrade Headquarters, the Virginia State Capital, and the Seagate Media Research Center. Benjamin supports project development and reviews project implementation of GRAYWORKS systems to assure building codes are met and system installation is efficient.


dave stark, ms

Dave practices what he preaches. His home is a hands-on laboratory for rainwater collection, graywater reuse, and composting toilets. He is constantly tinkering to improve performance. Dave has worked on water related infrastructure and environmental restoration projects for almost two decades. As Design Specialist with RMS he has spear-headed water reuse on some of the first Living Building Challenge projects in the Midwest. Dave works on GRAYWORKS project development helping clients to find optimum solutions for water reuse.


jonathan simmons

Jonathan draws upon over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience founding, running, and advising a variety of middle-market and early stage companies. In the CFO role for RMS Jonathan oversees corporate finance, contracts, and capital formation activities. Jonathan helps develop the strategic vision for GRAYWORKS to foster the deployment of our technologies in new markets. He also provides review of project contracts and warranties.


tj smith

TJ is a jack of all trades and master of most. TJ has a background in deploying water systems for the mining industry. He has taken the rigorous performance and safety requirements of the mining industry and applied them to the manufacture of water reuse equipment. As Director of Technical Support and Manufacturing at RMS, TJ oversees manufacturing of GRAYWORKS systems, the commissioning of systems, and long-term operational support. TJ has also led the development of our GRAYWORKS control system.


shawn crawford

As David’s son, Shawn was born and bred for the water reuse business having been immersed in rainwater projects from an early age. He received his bachelors and masters degrees from Virginia Tech with a focus on forestry, environmental technologies, and lean manufacturing techniques. Shawn is National Sales Manager for RMS and is involved in all aspects of the sales process for GRAYWORKS systems.


casey richey

Casey a recent Virginia Tech graduate has a background in both communications and mechanical engineering. Casey develops marketing and sales collateral for GRAYWORKS. He is instrumental in developing and maintaining website content. He also creates all 2D and 3D shop drawings and production submittals helping clients to visualize in detail how a system looks and how it needs to be installed before it arrives.


george francisco

As Controller for RMS, George keeps the day-to-day transactions of the company flowing smoothly. His background in business administration and his experience running his own construction business prior to RMS allows him to successfully keep a lot of balls in the air. George handles accounts receivable and payable for GRAYWORKS.