This graywater treatment and reuse system is designed for large commercial facilities or small multi-family residential or hospitality projects that want a robust, low maintenance system that provides reliable water quality with a maximum rate of 2,500 gpd. The system can be configured for subsurface irrigation or for toilet flushing or other forms of direct contact such as surface irrigation, water features, or cooling towers.  For direct contact applications the system complies with CA Title 22 Water Quality Standards.

The GW2500 can be configured to incorporate additional water sources such as rainwater, stormwater, condensate, and cooling tower blowdown. Water reuse storage and pumping systems can also be incorporated depending on project requirements.

All systems have web-enabled control systems that can be securely accessed through the internet or interface with other building control systems. The mechanical enclosure is lockable and optional cooling and heating systems are available for outdoor installation.